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{HH} Salazar by 404ama {HH} Salazar by 404ama
OH MY GODS OH MY GODS- *deep breathing* I got seriously into it. I'm so happy from his apperance and the drawing aaa- I hope i didn't broke english too much while writing the bio. I am sorry for everyone who has to read it orz I tried to be original. Mmm... I think its my first OC who has this much tragic story. I was wondering about making him blind, but that would be too much of a bother ehehe-




Name: Seiko
Surname: Kurosawa
Nickname: Salazar. He wants everyone to call him like that

Age: 14
Gender:  Male
Height & weight: 166cm | 54kg

Occupation: Middle school student (2nd grade)
Nationality: Japanese
Relatives: Haruto Kurosawa (dad) Eun Namkuhng (mum)


(+) Sociable | (+) Ambitious | (+) "Talkative" | Self confident | Moody | Stubborn | (-) Impolite | (-) Impatient | (-) Greedy 

Despite his incapacity of verbal communication, Salazar loves to be surrounded by people, and he always catches a chance to share his own opinions or just simply chat. He appears to be very self confident in every domain he is familiar with, sometimes it comes to the point when he obstinately argues (even about stupid things) just to hear that he was right. Since Seiko is the type of person who hates to lose, admiting his own defeat comes a little harder, but after a moment he stops bothering with it.

If it comes to his silly hobbies, boy always tries hard to become better, it's never too late or too early to start working if an awesome idea appears in his head. Salazar will most likely stop anything he's currently doing to try out even the most stupid idea the fastest he can. He will stubbornly try over, and over again untill it works. However, his productivity depends on the current mood. He won't bother to do stuff if he doesn't feel like doing it. That's why he hates school the most - because it forces him to learn, which means he has stop any of his activities and leave it for later. Salazar hates when something delays him. 

Some people may think, he is snippy, bad child because of his impolite behaviour at school, or dirty language he uses, but truth is, he really cares about his family and friends.


After learning that his sister died, while he survived, boy developed the ability which - as he likes to call it - "allows him entering peoples minds, and mess inside a little." Activating the power requires concentration and clearing own thoughts, which means it's harder to use in crowded places. Even if the whole "entering" process takes only a few seconds it's unpleasant and painful for both sides - target and user. Staying inside someone's mind for too long may cause difficulties with breathing, as well as dizzines.

E.A LVL 1 At this level, he is able to deliver short messages into people's minds, similar to as he's speaking. The voice appears somewhere deeply inside target's consciousness, and its source is considered as unknown. Even though Salazar is able to send stimulus, he is still not able to receive any. 

The ability wont work if the target (a person) is more than 5 meters away. The farther a person is, the weaker voice becomes. After using the ability on certain person a few times, that person may learn how to avoid next intrusions, at least until Salazar's power grows stronger. The ability won't work on animals or anything other than humans.


Seiko was born as many other kids in a public hospital, then taken home by happy parents, to start his long and full of adventures life. It was quickly discovered, that boy had some kind of disorder which appeared to be muteness - an inability to speak, but besides that, he was a healthy growing kid. 

As he became older, boy started to attend school like everyone, not really bothered by his defect. Instead of speaking, he was writting what he thought, and it became very normal for anyone around. Boy from the begining didn't like studying. In free time, he was usually playing with his neighborhood buddies, or observed as his dad works. Haruto was a talented joiner, he transformed a garage into his private workshop. Thanks to it, he could work at home, and help his wife from time to time. Seiko loved to sneek inside the workshop even if his mum didn't allow it, saying its not place for kids. Of course Eun's oppinion got pretty much ignored, and her son keept comming there, willing to help, slowly remembering stuff and learning proffesion. Near the time, when Seiko started 3rd grade of elementary school, his sister - Aki - was born. Boy was really excited and happy about the new family member. He never refused to spend time with her. (Well it was another excuse to not study ww) Years passed as they were happilly growing up together, and creating bonds. With time, parents started to see Seiko as very responsible young man, and began to trust him more. So they didn't see any problem with leaving an 5 years old kid under the care of 13 years old kid.

It was 15th August, fucking hot summer day. Both of parents out, and kiddos fighting over remote controller. Ah you know, it was really important what show would be played in the background for the rest of the day, and Salazar wasn't in mood to watch barbie or other girly shit, while Aki really wanted to. The smaller one suddenly jumped at the boy, wresting a device from his hand in the moment of disorientation. She switched channels, "It's mine! Catch me if you want it!" she yelled running into another part of the room. It was a clear invitation to play, and the boy was into it. He rushed towards her, and ended up chasing for her all around the house. While running, Aki noticed one thing which really gained her attention. A door which was always closed, the one for dad's workshop, for some reason they were slightly open today. She came there carefully, and entered the room which was a mistery for her until now. She descended the short, narrow stairs to get inside. A room was filled with warious tools and items she couldn't even name. Some of them looked interesting though. Girl noticed huge shelves full of daddy's stuff. It was perfect place to leave the remote controller, and her bro wouldn't even find it. Aki began to climb on the instable shelf, to place the remote somewhere high. At the same time Seiko was running around wondering where did his sister hide. He almost shat his pants when he realized where she could be. Running quickly to the workshop door, noticing it was open, boy ganced inside, all nervous. His eyes opening wide as he saw the other on a wiggling shelf. Boy froze. He wanted to yell. Something. Anything just to warn her. But he couldn't. In the last moment he rushed forwards, trying to grab the girl, but then a whole shelf with all the tools and objects made of wood collapsed on them. What a worthless brother he was, he cursed in mind before everything turned black. It was first time he entered heat haze zone, however even if he could keep conscious inside, he doesn't remember anything from that time until he woke up in the hospital. Memories going back slowly. He had just some bones broken but what with his sister? Was she alright? Unfortunately, she was not. She was ded. And it was all because of his recklessness.

He kept blaming himself for weeks. In that time, he completely stopped comming to the workshop. He has losen himself in internet reality, playing mmo games to fill every second of his free time. Just to not think about the whole accident, just to forget about it.  Salazar was occasionally showing at school, and occasionally going out. Even if he seemed out of reality, he noticed how parents started to argue after the event. Everyone was very nervous, but he hoped everything will come back to normal soon. Whatever was happening, time kept passing, and they made it to the winter somehow. Seiko began to calm down. Exactly at this moment Haruto and Eun came to tell him news. They wanted to divorce. After hearing this Salazar ran away from home as a sign of protest, and stayed outside all night. He entered heat haze zones then as well.

Currently he lives in a smaller house with his father, while his mum came back to Korea. They keep contact and see each other every summer and winter holidays. Salazar feels fine. He crafts items with his dad again. They're trying to be happy, and look at the bright future.


❈ His bangs are dyed blonde.
❈ He spends 10 - 15 minutes every morning on styling his hairstyle
❈ The "ALL 緑" text was written by him with markers.
❈ He has a hoodie with kemono mimi (… )
❈ "Salazar" was his internet name, but he got really used to it, and sometimes forgets its not his real one.
❈ He hates his real name, because it sounds girlish
❈ Since his dad owns a workshop which has a lot of interesting crap stuff, he uses it to craft steampunk accesories and then sells it online (for high prices)
❈ He attends the same school as Djura. They joined the same school club, where they usually play MMOS together
❈ He always has some money and ballpoint with him
❈ He enjoys throwing messages written on paper at peoples faces
❈ Salazar's biggest fear is losing hands, because that means he wouldn't be able to do anything he loves (aka crafting, playing games and stuff).
❈ Eun is from Korea.
❈ Besides Japanese, he knows simple English (learned from games more than at school, aha) and poor Korean
❈ His favorite color is green
❈ He likes gears
Ria-Pia Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist
He looks like a someone from ygo owo
404ama Featured By Owner Jun 19, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You are second person telling me this ahaha- :iconoelplz: His hair color scheme is like IV from zexal
Ria-Pia Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014  Hobbyist
Yeah, exactly xD
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